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117 Best startup slogans ideas for your Business

startup slogan ideas
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You`re here Because you need or Looking for Best startup slogans ideas for your Business. Marketing has the same purpose. The companies certainly devise their marketing campaigns and launch them. The marketing campaigns comprise of lots of different things. A startup slogan is one of them. What are the best startup slogans? It is a sentence or a phrase, mostly comprising of 3 to 8 words.

The startup slogans usually convey the core ides or the importance of the company to potential customers. The best startup taglines also highlight the things about the products or the service of the company that the owner wants to tell the customers about.

Best startup slogans research to grab audience attention:

A 2013 research says that the attention span of humans has decreased to 8 seconds, which is even lower than that of a goldfish. So you have to make the best use of those golden 8 seconds, and grab the attention of the targeted audience.
Here in this article, I am going to present some of the tips that are useful for creating an engaging, catchy, and meaningful best slogan ideas.

Your startup slogan must be in line with the brand:

Good startup slogans must be in line with the name of the brand or the company. The ideas presented through the slogan must stay consistent with the name, though not necessarily overtly stated.

However, one way to make this happen is the use of the name of the business in your slogan. This is the easiest and effective way to maintain the consistency of the name and the slogan.

E.g. you have opened a boutique and the name of the boutique is; “My Closet”, The startup slogans can be; “My Closet is the Best”. This way the ideas remain in line.

Make your startup business Memorable & ideal:

The goal should never be forgotten, and that is to grab the attention of the audience. The whole marketing strategy is based on this formula. When you have grabbed the attention of the audience you want to make a small room in their memory box.

So that when in the future they want to buy the product or the service your company name just pops out suddenly in their mind. To make the startup slogans memorable you can use lots of techniques, such as the use of alliteration, rhyming words, puns, etc.

Be Descriptive for the audience for your company services:

You need to tell the audience that this what your business is about and this is how they can get benefit from it. This is a way to engage the audience. Also, they will get to know about the company.

The needs and the demands of the audience are to be kept in mind while writing startup slogans. The people will naturally go to the company that they think can meet their demands.

Lure your company customers with different Benefits:

Not only you need to tell them about the company’s services, but also let them know the benefits that they will have I they become the customers. You need to tell the people that these are the benefits that they are going to get if they buy your service or product.

Again this needs not to be told in an open overt manner, rather you can indirectly tell that. You can use certain words that are conveying the message without using the whole sentence.

Your company must be a unique service from others:

In a dense market, it is difficult for the entrepreneur to standout. The new startup has to go through a lot of hard work to create a distinct identity in the market. If the previously established companies are already in tough competition with each other, you will have to do something that will make you stand out and get noticed.

You can either talk about the unique services about your company like how you are different from the others or use other techniques to make the best slogan ideas catchy.

Keep simple & Short startup slogan for your business:

Ideas that are presented through simple yet meaningful words are more attention-grabbing. Try to present the idea through the use of lesser words. Again, our goal is to convey the message to the audience and intrigue them to buy our product or service, so our focus should be on this, rather than on being different.

It may happen that your words were so complicated that the audience could not comprehend them.

The Use of Grammar techniques is interesting for slogan ideas:

The use of rhyming words and grammatical techniques such as alliteration, pun, etc. can add the element of interest in the slogans. People get attracted to the lines that are written interestingly. As an entrepreneur, we must get the attention of the targeted audiences to our company. These techniques can be made use for writing the slogans too.

Pun for a startup business to create attractive slogan:

The pun is the use of a word in place of another word that sounds similar to it. So this technique is used to maintain the interest of the people. If we use the technique for writing the best slogan ideas, it can be very helpful to grab the attention of the audiences.

The alliteration of startup Slogan ideas:

In this technique, the words that start with the same sound are used. For example Bread and Butter or Crispy cookies and cakes. This repetition of the same sound adds to the element of interest.

Rhyme & Rhythm for startup Business:

The use of rhyming words is common in poetry. It makes the text sound interesting. The same way it can be used in the startup slogans writing, to get the attention of the audience. Adds the musical element to the text, in which the audiences get attracted to nature.

Top startup slogans ideas for your Business:

  • Brawny — “The Strength to Take on Tough Messes”
  • Revlon — “Live Boldly”
  • Maxwell House — “Good to the last drop.”
  • Porsche — “There is no substitute.”
  • Sprint — “Don’t let a 1% difference cost you twice as much.”
  • American Express Co. — “Don’t Leave Home Without It”
  • Cisco Systems — “The Human Network”
  • Dr. Pepper — “Be a Pepper”
  • 3M — “Science. Applied to life.”
  • Capital One Financial — “What’s in your wallet?”
  • Microsoft Corp. — “Be What’s Next.”
  • U.S. Navy — “Forged by the Sea.”
  • Washington Post — “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”
  • VISA — “It’s everywhere you want to be.”
  • Jared the Galleria of Jewelry — “Dare to Be Devoted.”
  • Reebok — “Be More Human.”
  • Gillette — “The Best Men Can Be.”
  • Samsung — “Inspire the World, Create the Future”
  • Skittles — “Taste the Rainbow”
  • Purina — “Your Pet, Our Passion.”
  • Casper — “The Best Bed for Better Sleep”
  • Harley Davidson — “All for Freedom. Freedom for All.”
  • Electronic Arts Inc. — “We Exist to Inspire the World to Play.”
  • Men’s Wearhouse — “You’re going to like the way you look, I guarantee it.”
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb — “Together We Can Prevail.”
  • Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes — “They’re G-r-r-reat!”
  • Marriott Bonvoy — “Travel Brilliantly‎”
  • ClearVoice — “Better Voices, Better Content”

Conclusion of startup slogan ideas:

Hope you’ll find the best startup slogans. These limitless methods used in making startup slogans attractive and catchy. It is up to the businessman to decide, what suits best for them.

They need to keep in mind what business they are doing and what are the demands of their targeted audiences. The best startup taglines can have a great impact on people.

Please let us know the feedback in the comments sections below. Hopefully, this idea is useful to you. Do let us know about the feedback in the comments section below.

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