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79 Best Travel Agency Names ideas for your Business.

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You`re here Because you need or Looking for Creative Travel Agency Names ideas & Tagline ideas. The travel agency names and ideas are mentioned in this article for the start-up of your business.

As it is certainly important for one’s mental and physical health to unwind themselves by giving them a break from the hectic day to day life. Vacation is undoubtedly the most effective way to give your mind a break and let it recharge to work again.

So it is always fun to explore new exciting places and the natural beauty of the world. This being the reason, the travel agency names business is, therefore, one of the most promising businesses in the business world.

However, if you are interested in this business you might be thinking of the ways to grab the attention of the people. Of course, the name of the traveling company is the first thing that you can think about. Moreover, some catchy travel company names list is mentioned below.

The name of the company should connect with the people on an emotional as well as intellectual level. The following are the things that must be kept in mind when naming a travel agency.

  • The travel agency names should connect with the people on an emotional level.
  • It should represent the voice of the agency business.
  • Should suggest exploration and discovery.
  • Should give assurance and reliance.
  • The fun element is good but the name should also sound professional.
  • The name should be a relaxing one.

The Attention of people to your travel agency:

Not always the vacations and the trips are planned, most of the time they are just the last-minute plans so there is no beforehand planning done. Which can cause some problems while traveling? Travel agency names are providing their services to the people, to take away their worries regarding their vacations and trips.

So that they can enjoy their vacations to the fullest. A name that can get the attention of the people as well as make them come forward and contact the agency for the services. So there are a few methods to give your agency a catchy name that compels the people too.

Here are some of the techniques and formulas that I have formulated to give your agency a catchy and compelling name.

Use perfect Grammar

Though we may despise it at school, grammar can help you out a lot when you are playing with the words. However, lots of techniques can be brought in use to give your travel agency names a unique and distinctive name. For example the use of acronyms.

Travel agency names acronym

The acronym is one of the widely used techniques that help people create a unique travel agency names at the same time it can be catchy.

So this is one of the easiest ways to name the brand, to be honest. You just need to take the initials of the names of the owners or the things that the extensive name includes. 

Names must be Pun:

Sometimes acronyms can be so creative that they give the effect of Pun, which is another linguistic thing. If you are impressed by a name or a word that is related to the business you are involved in, you can use the letters to give your agency an extensive name.

At the same time, this word can be used as an acronym, and ultimately it will give the pun effect that will sound more interesting and creative, and hopefully catch more people.

Mash-Ups your agency names:

Another infamous method to name your brand is mashing up the names or the words. Yes, this is as effective as any other method. People naturally are interested in the name and the words that have a kind of uniqueness and a hint of some hidden words in them.

Let’s just say there are two owners of your agency. Travel agency names can be merged to give a fresh and distinctive word to the duo. Or even if there is only one owner, still the name can be merged with some other words that are related to the business.

Mythological agency names:

Mythologies are something that gives a very sophisticated vibe when added to the brand names, taglines, and concepts. Everyone can relate to the stories and the characters. While naming your agency your main focus is to grab the audience.

So for that purpose seeking refuge in something as commonly known as the mythological stories and the characters is a really good option. Once again you have the option to take travel agency names of the character from the mythology. Merge it with some other word or your name as you being the owner. 

Use foreign words for travel agency name:

Foreign word is very effective to give an exotic feel. Using foreign words is a really good idea for your travel agency names. Some of the languages have become the symbol of lavish and luxury brands, such as Italian French, etc. It will not only give an exotic and unique feel but it will also attract people towards the agency.

Moreover, It causes the ambiguity for the audience as they are unable to understand the meaning. Foreign names work well when the words you choose are commonly known by the people of your community too.

As the word “te amo” from French is known worldwide so if someone uses it for their brand name people. It will be attractive and will also be able to relate and understand it.

Use Magical Formulas

If neither of these methods works for you then you can always go for this method that I am about to mention. So this is the formula that I have formulated for naming the brand. The formula is pretty simple.

  • [Keyword] + Agency

Therefore, this is by far the most common way to travel agency names. This method is very common and easy but it has its drawbacks. Furthermore, such names do not grab much of the audiences as they are way too simple. So to grab the attention of the people you need to put some effort and work a little hard.

Top travel agency names:

Dream Destinations Getaways
Beyond Borders Traveling Booking
Cruisers Seaside Travel
First Class Corporate Travel
Travel Right
Now Boarding Flight Organizers
Willow Tree Travel & Resort
Pristine Vacation Planner
Destination Anywhere
Sangria Tour & Cruise
Tropical Travel
Weekend Getaways
Sunset Vacations
Airborne Travel Agency
N & L Travel International
Happy Trails Travel Company
Off Road Adventures Travel Company
Mountain Top Travel Co.
Hot Spot Travel Agency
Oasis Travel
Great Vacations Travel Co.
See America RV Services
Summer Vacations
Cool River Travel Agency
Spirit of Adventure Travel Agent
Miami Air & Sea Travel Agency
The Vacation Connection
Pheonix Travel & Tour
International Adventures Travel
Pirate Cove Travel Co.
World Wide Travel
Oh The Places You’ll Go Travel Co.
Destination Vacation
Coastline Corporate Travel Co.
Beyond the Sea Cruise Services
Sky Blu Air & Sea
Gateway Getaways
Sites & Sounds Tourism
Fly Away Travel Agent
Open Road RV Rental
Destiny Travel International
Howard Commercial Travel
Columbus Business Travel Inc.
Arctic Waters Travel Agency
Safari Travel Services
Pegasus Private Travel Services
Golden Ticket Guided Tours
Far Far Away Travel Agency
Westshore Travel Corp.

Conclusion of travel agency names

Hope you’ll find the best Travel Agency Names ideas. In the end, I must say that selecting travel agency names is purely a work of your creativity and research. Therefore, use any of the above methods to select unique travel company name to your company.

Please let us know the feedback in the comments sections below. Hopefully, this idea is useful to you. Do let us know about the feedback in the comments section below.

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