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109 Best Trading Name Ideas for your company

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You`re here Because you need or Looking for Best Trading Name Ideas & Tagline ideas. Start-ups always require lots of energy, passion, and a huge amount of courage. People that are thinking about starting their own business, might need to get some basic things done.

Such as devising a business plan or at least one-page business canvas, talking to some of the potential clients, etc. After that comes the important and fundamental thing that is trading business name ideas.

This article is going to talk about trading name ideas that can lead you to give your business a catchy and a magnetic name that can attract the clients. If you are the one that is starting up their own business then this article is probably for you.

Trading business name ideas can make lots of difference in terms of marketing. It is the first thing that anyone notices. When we talk about catchy and attractive names, this specific question might have popped up in your mind that what does it actually mean?

Well to put it simply, a catchy and attention-grabbing trading name ideas refer to one that is able to hold the attention of the potential and the targeted audience among many others in the same field.

In this article, I am going to specifically talk about the tips and tricks that can help you find a suitable trading names ideas for your business startup. Here are some of the techniques that I have devised according to my research and experience.

Quick trading name ideas:

Unusual things are always interesting and they tend to get the attention of the people more than the usual things. You need to think out of the box to come up with some amazing trading name ideas for your business. The example of a Japanese yoga-wear brand can be taken into consideration.

The name is Lululemon which according to the founder has no meaning originally, but the only intriguing factor to the name is that it has three “L” in it. In Japanese phonetics, the “L” sound does not exist, so it makes the Japanese buyer believe that the name is innately North American and thus authentic.

You see by doing such a simple thing owner was able to get the attention of more buyers.  Sometimes the odd and apparently strange things can stir up the tides in the business world.

Trading names simply last long:

On contrary to the odd and outstanding names, the simple ones may sometimes work better. Yup as odd as it may sound but the reality is that the simple and totally common names and can grab the attention in indescribable ways.

In an attempt to look more sophisticated and unique and professional people sometimes forget the main thing that is to get the attention of the audience. Sometimes it’s totally fine to go for the more basic thing than to look for something totally exotic and unique.

The reason is that you may end up making the name look too irrelevant, and thus people may not be able to even understand it.

Convey the Meaning for trading name ideas :

It’s ideal to find a name that conveys the message to the consumers in a way that carries a meaning. For this purpose, you need to check whether the name you gave to your business in conveying the meaning or not? Is it a name that can give meaning as soon as the client or the targeted person looks at it? If so then congratulations you have done a great job.

Though meaningless names are also making waves in the business world, the trading name ideas that are able to give some kind of message are unique and also they have that personal factor involved in them. This means that the personal choices of the business are shown through meaningful names, and it adds to the uniqueness factor.

Trading Acronyms:

I always state this in my articles that the names that are composed of the initials of the words are always in trend, and also somewhat promising in terms of marketing. This technique never gets old. We see in the trading world lots of businesses are named after using this method, and many are worldwide famous. One of the examples is that of PEPSI.

This brand does not need any introduction to anyone, as it has earned recognition worldwide. The name is an acronym basically and it stands for “Pay Each Penny to Save Israel”.

To be honest this is the simplest method to name your brand and easiest too. At the same time, it provides you a unique and personalized name that is totally yours.

Use “Prestigious Languages” for trading names:

Consider it prejudice or whatever, there is this phenomenon that exists in the world that some of the languages are considered more prestigious than the others. For example in the modern world the kind of influence that English hold is rarely matched by any other language.

Especially in the previously English colonized countries, the language holds a stronger influence. Brands can use this in their favor. They can name the Business in the words that are from that specific foreign language and are also understood by the audience.

This way they play with the psychology of the clients and the targeted audiences and lure them to think that the trade has some foreign influence. So this way the owner ends up getting a decent amount of attention from the targeted customer.

Your Own trading Names:

If you are the king of person that wants to add personal factors to everything that belongs to them, then maybe this is the method that will work for you while giving trading names ideas to your business. Use your own name. Yes, that’s right. Use your own name as the name of the business that you are starting up.

This is also one of the simplest things to generate your business name but it still carries that unique factor to it. Reason? Because it has your name in it that makes it stand out from all the other businesses, and thus makes it unique and personalized.

This will not only bring the clients to your business but also will get you recognition in the business world as the name being used is your own.

Trading name ideas merger of Two Names/Words:

If you have been bored with all the brainstorming and can still not think of any idea that suits your business, then you can think about this one. It is a kind of formula that lets you create a unique and distinctive name very easily by using words that you are familiar with.

This can simply be the mash-up of two names or two words or a name and a word. It’s totally up to you. Use your creativity to come up with a catchy and professional trading names ideas for the business.

Catchy Trading name ideas

These are the best names suggestions for a trading company:

  • Perfect Solution Co.
  • Clifford Trading
  • Trading Systems
  • Constant Trading
  • Trade Tales
  • In And Out
  • Traded Goods
  • Team Of Traders
  • For The Trade
  • Tricks Of The Trading
  • Bailey Trading Company, LLC
  • Diamond Trading Company
  • MVP Trading Co Inc
  • Trafigura Trading LLC
  • Fataco USA Trading Company
  • Shaftal International Trading
  • World Trading Company inc
  • Chicago Trading Co
  • Export Traction
  • Export Management
  • Yukon Trading Company
  • TC Trading Company, Inc.
  • O Concept General Trading
  • USA Food Trading
  • Sunrise USA Trading Inc
  • Dutch American
  • Tricks Of The Trade
  • Direct Trading Co.
  • The Forward
  • Open Trading Company
  • Trading Extensive
  • Comms Alert
  • Move Along Products
  • Moving Along
  • Product Palace
  • Positioned Products

Conclusion about trading name ideas:

Hope you’ll find the best Best Trading Name Ideas. While selecting trading company name ideas it might seem difficult at first look because of the thing that it should catch the targeted audience. However, it may not be as difficult if you use the techniques that I have mentioned above.

These are the simple yet effective trading name ideas that are unique catchy and yet professional at the same time. 

Please let us know the feedback in the comments sections below. Hopefully, this idea is useful to you. Do let us know about the feedback in the comments section below.

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