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131+ Top Slogan for Teenage Pregnancy Awareness

slogan for teenage pregnancy
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Teenage pregnancy is a serious issue that affects not only the young mothers, but also their families and society as a whole. The effects of slogan for teenage pregnancy can be devastating, from emotional and financial stress to lack of educational and career opportunities. In order to raise awareness and prevent teenage pregnancy, it is important to use powerful and engaging slogans that resonate with the audience and inspire them to take action.

Statistics show that slogans are an effective tool for awareness. They can increase recognition by up to 80%, and boost purchase intent by as much as 14%. In addition, slogans are highly shareable, which makes them perfect for social media campaigns and other forms of viral marketing.

This blog provides the best ready-to-use slogans for teenage pregnancy prevention. With over a decade of experience in marketing, and especially in writing creative phrases, slogans, and taglines, I have the expertise and skills to help you create effective and impactful messages that will save you hundreds of dollars in marketing budget and lots of time. Whether you’re a non-profit organization, a school, or a government agency, these slogans will help you to engage your audience and make a real difference in the fight against teenage pregnancy.

How To Write Slogan for teenage pregnancy

Slogans can be an effective way to convey a message or call to action in a memorable and catchy way. In the case of teenage pregnancy, slogans can be used to raise awareness of the issue, promote safe s*x and contraception, and encourage teens to think carefully about their actions and their future.

  • “Don’t let one mistake change your life forever.”
  • “Think before you act: protect yourself from teenage pregnancy.”
  • “Teenage pregnancy: prevention is key.”
  • “The choice is yours: safe s*x or teenage pregnancy.”
  • “Don’t be a statistic: say no to teenage pregnancy.”
  • “Your future is worth fighting for: say no to teenage pregnancy”
  • “The smart choice is the safe choice: protect yourself from teenage pregnancy.”
  • “Love yourself, protect yourself: prevent teenage pregnancy.”
  • “Teenage pregnancy: not worth the risk”
  • “Safe s*x = smart choices: prevent teenage pregnancy.”

A slogan can be an effective way to raise awareness about teenage pregnancy and to encourage teens to think about the potential consequences of their actions. A good slogan should be memorable, catchy, and convey the intended message in a clear and concise way. As always education and guidance is important to avoid any accidents.

Slogan about teenage pregnancy

  • “Choose responsibility, not pregnancy.”
  • “Don’t let one mistake change your entire future.”
  • “You’re not ready for a baby, but you are ready for birth control.”
  • “A baby is a lifetime commitment, are you prepared?”
  • “Think before you act, protect yourself from teenage pregnancy.”
  • “Teenage pregnancy: a burden you don’t want to bear.”
  • “It’s your body, it’s your choice, make it a responsible one.”
  • “Don’t let a moment of passion ruin your future.”
  • “Protect yourself, plan for a better future.”
  • “Don’t let a baby hold you back from reaching your dreams.”
  • “It’s not too early to think about your future and avoiding teenage pregnancy.”
  • “Your education is important, don’t let teenage pregnancy get in the way.”
  • “Don’t let a baby be your only option, there are alternatives.”
  • “A baby can’t wait, neither should you. Start protecting yourself now.”
  • “Teenage pregnancy: the ultimate responsibility.”
  • “A baby is a big responsibility, make sure you’re ready for it.”
  • “Don’t rush into parenthood, wait until you’re ready.”
  • “Your future is important, don’t let a baby hold you back.”
  • “Don’t let one mistake change the course of your life.”
  • “Take control of your body and your future, prevent teenage pregnancy.”
  • “A baby is a blessing, but not a responsibility for teenager”
  • “Safe s*x = smart choice”
  • “Pregnancy prevention starts with you”
  • “Think twice, protect yourself”
  • “Your future is in your hands, make a smart choice”
  • “Don’t let teenage pregnancy be the end of your dreams”
  • “A baby should never be a reason for dropout”
  • “You deserve a bright future, protect yourself from teenage pregnancy”
  • “Don’t let a unplanned pregnancy ruin your plan”
  • “Your body, Your choice, Your responsibility”
  • “It’s okay to say no, to unsafe s*x”
  • “You are not alone, reach out for help with teenage pregnancy prevention”
  • “Your youth, Your potential, Protect it”
  • “It takes two to tango, it takes two to have a baby”
  • “Parenting is not a job for teenager”
  • “A baby will change your life, are you ready for it?”
  • “Responsibility comes with adulthood, not teenage”
  • “A baby can wait, Your education cannot”
  • “Be wise, use protection”
  • “A baby is a lifetime commitment, Choose wisely”

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slogan about teenage pregnancy

Slogan teenage pregnancy

  • “Don’t let one mistake change your whole life.”
  • “The choice is yours.”
  • “It’s not just about you anymore.”
  • “The future is yours. Protect it.”
  • “Don’t let teenage pregnancy ruin your dreams.”
  • “Your body, your choice, your future.”
  • “Don’t let a baby be your graduation present.”
  • “Take responsibility for your actions.”
  • “Don’t let one night ruin your whole life.”
  • “The consequences of teenage pregnancy last a lifetime.”
  • “Don’t let hormones make your decisions.”
  • “Your baby deserves a bright future.”
  • “Choose wisely, think about your future.”
  • “Don’t let a pregnancy ruin your plans.”
  • “Prevent teenage pregnancy, plan your future.”
  • “Pregnancy should not be a rite of passage.”
  • “You’re not ready for this kind of responsibility.”
  • “Before you act, think about the future.”
  • “Don’t let a baby get in the way of your education.”
  • “Choose wisely, choose contraception.”
  • “It’s your body, protect it.”
  • “Teenage pregnancy is not worth the risk.”
  • “Your future matters, protect it.”
  • “Don’t let one mistake change your life forever.”
  • “Your choices have consequences.”
  • “Choose your options, shape your future.”
  • “It’s your choice, it’s your future.”
  • “Make smart choices, avoid teenage pregnancy.”
  • “Don’t let a baby be your first big responsibility.”
  • “It’s your life, make the right choices.”
  • “Don’t let a pregnancy stop you from reaching your goals.”
  • “The right choice is the safe choice.”
  • “Don’t let teenage pregnancy hold you back.”

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Slogans on teenage motherhood

  • “Think before you act.”
  • “Don’t let one mistake define your future.”
  • “Choose your path wisely.”
  • “Stay in school, not parenthood.”
  • “Your future is worth protecting.”
  • “Teen pregnancy: not worth the risk.”
  • “Think twice, act responsibly.”
  • “Don’t let a baby ruin your life.”
  • “A baby is a lifetime responsibility.”
  • “It’s your body, make informed choices.”
  • “Don’t be a statistic.”
  • “Teen parenthood: not the fairy tale.”
  • “Protect your dreams, use protection.”
  • “A baby can’t wait, neither should you.”
  • “Know your options before it’s too late.”
  • “You’re too young for this kind of responsibility.”
  • “Think about the consequences before you act.”
  • “Don’t rush into parenthood.”
  • “Pregnancy prevention starts with you.”
  • “Be smart, not sorry.”
  • “Being a teenager is hard enough, don’t add pregnancy to the mix.”
  • “Say yes to your dreams and no to teen pregnancy.”
  • “Invest in your future, not in a baby.”
  • “Don’t let a moment of passion ruin your life.”
  • “Be mature enough to make responsible choices.”
  • “Your life is worth more than a baby.”
  • “Don’t let a baby be a burden on your future.”
  • “The choice is yours, choose wisely.”
  • “Teen pregnancy prevention is possible.”
  • “A baby is not a toy, it’s a lifetime commitment.”
  • “Your future is important, protect it.”
  • “Protect yourself, protect your future.”
  • “Don’t let one decision change your entire life.”
  • “Keep your options open, not closed by a baby.”
  • “Being a teen parent is not a game.”
  • “Don’t let a baby hold you back.”
  • “Choose your actions wisely, the future depends on it.”
  • “Don’t let a baby be the end of your dreams.”
  • “Your life is your own, don’t let it be taken by a baby.”

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Slogan of teenage pregnancy

  • “Think before you act”
  • “Avoid the risks, use protection”
  • “The choice is yours, make it wisely”
  • “Not ready for parenthood, that’s okay”
  • “It’s not just about s*x, it’s about responsibility”
  • “Don’t let one mistake change your life forever”
  • “The power of choice, use it wisely”
  • “A baby changes everything, are you ready?”
  • “Don’t be a statistic, protect yourself”
  • “Pregnancy is not a game, play it safe”
  • “Don’t let your future be determined by one choice”
  • “A baby is a lifetime commitment, think before you act”
  • “Better safe than sorry”
  • “Before you take the leap, consider the consequences”
  • “It’s your body, it’s your choice, protect it”
  • “Your future is worth the wait”
  • “Don’t let peer pressure lead to pregnancy”
  • “An unplanned pregnancy can change your plans”
  • “The right choice now, can lead to a brighter future”
  • “Be aware of the risks before you decide”
  • “Your dreams are worth protecting”
  • “It’s not just about you, consider the baby too”
  • “Don’t let a moment of passion ruin your future”
  • “Protection is key, don’t leave it to chance”
  • “A baby is not a game, play it safe”
  • “Good judgement now, can lead to a better tomorrow”
  • “The smart choice is the safe choice”
  • “Don’t let one mistake, ruin your whole life”
  • “A little protection goes a long way”
  • “Choose wisely, the future depends on it”
  • “Be responsible, use protection”
  • “It’s not just fun and games, it’s a serious decision”
  • “Don’t let one night, affect your whole life”
  • “It’s not worth the risk, protect yourself”
  • “Don’t let a moment of weakness, ruin your future”
  • “A baby is forever, are you ready for that commitment?”
  • “Think it through, the decision is yours”
  • “Make smart choices for a brighter future”
  • “Choose carefully, the consequences are long-lasting”
  • “Don’t let impulsive decision ruin your life”

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Slogan for teenage pregnancy Ideas

  • “Don’t let one mistake change your entire life.”
  • “Think before you act.”
  • “It’s not just about you.”
  • “A baby can’t fix a broken relationship.”
  • “Don’t be a statistic.”
  • “Be responsible. Use protection.”
  • “Your future is worth the wait.”
  • “Don’t let a baby stop your dreams.”
  • “The choice is yours. Make it a smart one.”
  • “Pregnancy is not a game.”
  • “Be sure before you do.”
  • “S*x is not worth the risk.”
  • “The truth about teenage pregnancy.”
  • “It’s not worth it in the end.”
  • “Don’t let a moment of passion ruin your future.”
  • “Take control of your future.”
  • “A baby can’t love you back.”
  • “Protect yourself. Protect your future.”
  • “A baby is not a solution.”
  • “Think before you have s*x.”
  • “Don’t let a baby change your life forever.”
  • “A baby changes everything.”
  • “Your life, your choice, your responsibility.”
  • “A child needs a parent, not a peer.”
  • “Don’t rush into something you’re not ready for.”
  • “The truth about being a teenage parent.”
  • “It’s not worth the consequences.”
  • “Don’t let one night change your life forever.”
  • “The responsibility of parenthood is not for teens.”
  • “It takes two to make a baby, not just one.”
  • “Don’t let your future be decided by one mistake.”
  • “A child needs a mature love.”
  • “You’re not ready for a baby.”
  • “Think before you have s*x, it is your future.”
  • “Raising a baby, not a game.”
  • “Your life is worth the wait.”
  • “Don’t let one night ruin your entire life.”
  • “A baby changes everything, are you ready?”
  • “Teenage parenthood comes with a lifetime of responsibility.”
slogans on teenage motherhood

Where You Can Use Slogan for teenage pregnancy

Slogans for teenage pregnancy can be used in a variety of settings, including:

  • School assemblies and classrooms
  • Health fairs and community events
  • Social media campaigns and online ads
  • Public service announcements (PSAs) on television and radio

The benefits of slogans include their ability to:

  • Summarize a complex issue or message in a memorable and easy-to-understand way
  • Create a sense of community and engagement among the target audience
  • Inspire action or change in behavior
  • Help to differentiate a campaign or initiative from others in the same field

Slogans can create impact on the audience by:

  • Creating a sense of urgency or importance around the issue of teenage pregnancy
  • Providing clear and direct information on the potential consequences of teenage pregnancy and the resources available to prevent it
  • Encouraging positive attitudes and behaviors among teens and their peers, families, and communities
  • Helping to change societal perceptions and attitudes towards teenage pregnancy.

Types of Slogan for teenage pregnancy

  • “Say no to teenage pregnancy, say yes to education and career.”
  • “Choose your future, not motherhood at a young age.”
  • “Think before you act, prevent teenage pregnancy.”
  • “Be smart, not a teenage parent.”
  • “Raising a child is a big responsibility, wait until you’re ready.”
  • “Don’t let a moment of passion ruin your future.”
  • “Stay in school, not in the delivery room.”
  • “Be a teenager, not a parent.”
  • “Don’t let one mistake change your life forever.”
  • “Prevent teenage pregnancy, choose to be responsible.”


The use of a main keyword in your slogan is crucial to engaging your audience and making a lasting impression. If you need any assistance with creating a catchy and memorable slogan, please don’t hesitate to contact us or leave a comment below. We’re always happy to help and look forward to working with you to create a slogan that will take your business to the next level.

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